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Other Products?

Didn’t find what you were looking for? No problem of course! The webshop only provides an overview of the products that we have in stock as standard and are available within a few days.

Of course, each event or conference has its own theme and we can also provide other sustainable merchandise in addition to the standard range. If you already have an article in mind and would like more information about delivery times and prices, send an email to radboudstore@dressme.nl and we will provide you with a quote for this product. We would like to receive the desired number of pieces from you and if the article needs to be further personalized, you can send the extra logo.

Would you like something different from the standard merchandise but no idea what exactly, inform us about the content or theme of the event/conference and we will look for a sustainable solution for you. We would like to receive the desired number of pieces and, if available, the budget per piece and we will search for you. You can email this quote request to radboudstore@dressme.nl.

We will look for a sustainable solution for you, because we do not support the disposable culture of unnecessary merchandise. We are already being flooded with that without being asked. Our intention will always be to look for a sustainable product that fits your event/conference and that also meets the requirements of the corporate identity.